Hello and welcome to the Indoor Chilli blog.

If you’re looking for sound advice on how to grow chillies indoors, then this site probably isn’t for you, so move along!

This blog will be about my successes and failures, some of which could turn out to be helpful.

I’ve been there myself, wasting hours scouring the internet for the holy grail of indoor chilli growing, with every site contradicting the next and getting more confused with every additional click. My goal is to grow chillies indoors so we don’t have to rely Tesco’s nameless variety, I basically have no idea what I’m doing and during this process I’ll share any tips that I find on the way.


Over the years I’ve dabbled with a few chilli plants, either by seed or cheating (buying the biggest plant in the garden centre) – but the result is always the same; 5 chillies, wilting leaves, horrible little black flies (which I stupidly thought would eat the green and black ones), then ultimately the wheelie bin.

This time it’s going to be different…

About me…

I’m a 30 something male from North Wales (not really the best climate for chillies) with 8 weeks of growing experience to share, this blog could end up helping you, or it will most probably amuse you as I fail miserably during this experiment.